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“Every song that I write is unique to me and no single track is more important than another. While songs may tie together thematically on a record, each song has it’s own story. I share some thoughts here, but please find your own meaning in the songs.” —-- Mark Tremonti


All I Was

All I Was

All I Was – Cover

Leave It Alone
Leave It Alone

Leave It Alone – Merch Leave It Alone – Design

So You're Afraid
So You're Afraid Preview

So You're Afraid – Design So You're Afraid – Shirt

Wish You Well
Wish You well Preview

Wish You Well – Design Wish You Well – Shirt

Brains Preview

Brains – Artwork Brains – Merch

The Thing I've Seen
The Things I've Seen Preview

The Things I've Seen – Design The Things I've Seen – Shirt

You Waste Your Time
You Waste Your Time Preview

You Waste Your Time – Design You Waste Your Time – Shirt

New Way Out
New Way Out Preview

New Way Out – Design New Way Out – Shirt

Giving Up Header
Giving Up Preview

Giving Up – Design Giving Up – Shirt

Prof Preview

Proof – Design Proof – Shirt

All I Was
Leave It Alone

All I Was – Design All I Was – Shirt

Doesn't Matter
Doesn't Matter Preview

Doesn't Matter – Design Doesn't Matter – Shirt

Leave It Alone

Decay – Design Decay – Shirt